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5 Best Reporting and Infographic WordPress Themes to Create Beautiful Presentation Sites

Are you preparing a presentation? Make sure that it is power-packed with precise information and data. Bring in the best reporting and infographic WordPress Theme to create beautiful presentation sites.

Believe it or not, a right WordPress theme can make or break a presentation. You need to present your ideas and share your vision in a simple and highly visual format using WordPress dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme. Having the best Reporting and Infographic WordPress theme makes your creation look professional and dominating. Take it in the simplest form, WordPress Themes are incredibly simple to work on — a premium WordPress Theme users are not always great programmers or web designers. With the help of WordPress Dashboard, you can transform piles of indecipherable data into attractive, easy-to-understand visuals. We have handpicked a few brilliant reporting and infographics themes pretty worth checking them out.

Umetric – WordPress Dashboard, Reporting, and Infographic Theme

WordPress Dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme | Umetric | Iqonic Design  5 Best Reporting and Infographic WordPress Themes to Create Beautiful Presentation Sites image

Umetric – WordPress Dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme is a perfect wordpress theme for creating compelling reports and stunning infographics. With Umetric, you do not have to bother about designing infographics from the scratch. You can create a beautiful presentation on your site using numerous charts and powerful data visualization elements. Umetric – WordPress Dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme provides you with a solid package of assets to get you started.

Umetric – WordPress Dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme is ideal for creating WordPress Corporate Companies Dashboards, Marketing reports, Reporting SaaS service providers’ landing pages, Data Visualization, and so on. The exceptionally professional support, you get from Umetric is one of a kind victory. Umetric – WordPress Dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme offers a hyper-personalization option to enhance your website experience.

The WordPress theme comes with amazing plugins for absolutely FREE. The Elementor plugin lets you create pages in the least time so you can deliver your client’s project easier, faster, and way much better.


Orlando is a fully customizable creative infographics WordPress theme for different IT companies. Orlando comes with several amazing infographics elements to let you represent your data with a unique style. Orlando provides you over 10 dropdown menu animations. The visual composer plugin helps you to create stunning-looking pages without even any coding skills. It comes with WooCommerce integration. Orlando can be used as a slim one-pager website for simple or even more complex sites for big corporates. You can create functional and beautiful mega menus with Orlando.

Info Space

Info Space is a proficient WordPress theme for an infographic for companies. It comes with almost 14 infographic elements where you can manage each of these elements by using drag and drop ability from the page builder. Info Space has three styles of domain-specific demos and about five types of charts. With an advanced admin panel and master slider, you can launch your creation without any difficulty. So if you are looking for a WordPress theme for data presentation or infographic, Info Space is a perfect match. Additionally, the theme of the infographic is WPML ready. Set up your site, customize it, and launch your site with all ease.

Rock Group

Rock Group can create an impressive visual presentation of the data on your site. It comes with beautiful three infographic skins for the business, ecology, and travel industry. The theme has drop-down content blocks and flexibility is a word for Rock Group. You can customize the size and color as well as replace custom elements. Rock Group is fully responsive layout and retina ready. Each page obliges to adjust any of the real websites to at maximum degree to ensure optimal user experience.


If you are an entry-level infographic maker or have no past development experience. Infographer takes out the legwork of designing and developing infographic by offering users the ease to customize templates. The multipurpose infographic theme comes with tons of interactive elements. From charts to icon graphs, vertical and horizontal graphs, Infographer comes with tons of retina icons and tons of creative possibilities. You can be creative with unlimited combinations of simple-to-use shortcodes. With a bundle of massive colors and sizes alternatives for all elements, 500+ Google fonts, and a robust backend, Infographer provides a solution for a variety of businesses or personal projects.


Living in the digital world has encouraged people to make data-driven decisions, we use data to compare and test the credibility and performance of anything before we consume or use it as a source. With a lot of data processing, having a sorted form of charts, graphs, and data tables come as a blessing. With the above list of reporting and infographics themes, you can simplify the enormous data into meaningful insights.

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