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7 Simple & Clean Admin Dashboards You Ever Need To Build Professional Back-end in 2023

With COVID-19 and Work-From-Home culture, we are beginning to emerge from our shelters. Technologies take front seat to making rise to more web applications and websites to reach masses. The smarter and swifter we prepare for suppressing COVID-19 downfall, the sooner we can back track to what ‘normal’ was once again. 

Gone are the days when web apps tended to be built solely for functionality without giving any attention to design. The backends of web apps now comes with powerful functionality and beautiful design. And with the massive rise in popularity of the VueJS, ReactJS, Laravel, Angular, Codeigniter, & NodeJS framework, creating a beautiful and functional admin panel has never been any easier.

Since admin panel displays crucial data, it is crucial to be responsive and user-friendly. Finding data and important points should be easy in only few clicks. Keeping in mind the most salient features like user interface, responsiveness, and professional design, we have predesigned admin dashboard templates for you. You can download and customize them based on your website project. They can go with any website template downloaded from any site. These admin template panel comes with a set of easy-to-understand graphs, countdown timers, calendars, maps, pie charts, and other animated icons.

1. FinDash – Vuejs, HTML Finance Sales Dashboard

FinDash – Vuejs, HTML Finance Sales Dashboard shows the company’s financial summary on an industry estimated vs. actual revenue, revenue by region, estimated revenue. It has multiple dynamic charts as well. This Vuejs, HTML Finance Sales Dashboard is for the business owner who needs an intuitive financial dashboard on a daily basis, and professionals who need the ability to forecast and run scenarios to grow the company.

2. SocialV – Vue JS, HTML Social Network & Community Admin Template

SocialV – Vue Js, HTML Social Network & Community Admin Template is a premium quality dashboard and admin template built on VueJS and HTML. The minimal and clean design of this admin dashboard makes your social media and networking apps’s backend pretty much accessible and manageable. This Vue Js, HTML Social Network & Community Admin Template comes in Light and Dark version. It has variations of social networking app dashboard, weather admin dashboard and much more. It also has some ready to use web app template such as newsfeed, friends list, group, chat, to-do, calendar, birthday and music for your digital products and services.

3. XRay – Vue JS, HTML Medical & Hospital Admin Template 

Since the world has faced COVID-19, accurate public health messages about the illness are worth everything. Digital presence in form of web apps and websites are a huge player in the modern healthcare niche. XRay – VueJS, HTML Medical and Hospital Admin Template is the top-of-the-line medical & hospital admin dashboard template that is clean and responsive as well. Your users will enjoy your site on any modern device. Get creative with your page layouts and skip tricky coding issues.

4. Vito – Angular 9 (NgRx State) Admin Dashboard Template 

Vito is an Angular 9 (NgRx state) admin dashboard template for businesses and agencies. It has 4 working apps – Project Management, Social App, To-do, App, and Calendar. Vito supports RTL. Vito also has a light and dark version. This admin panel UI has a clean, creative and corporate look.

5. Metorik – Laravel, Codeigniter, NodeJS & HTML Admin Template & Seed Project

MetorikLaravel, Codeigniter, NodeJS & HTML Admin Template & Seed Project is what you need to make your digital project more creative and well-structured. It is a 4-in-1 admin template with HTML, Laravel, Codeigniter and NodeJS. This fully-fledged  Laravel, Codeigniter, NodeJS & HTML Admin Template & Seed Project comes with 4 completely working Apps/Modules and a rich variety of elements and widgets. For a quite reasonable price, you will get a highly responsive design that fits all major screens. Along with different frameworks, libraries, and utilities, Metorik has handy content editors as well. 

6. Vito – Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template 

Vito stands out with a polished and professional interface. Clear usage instructions, friendly back-end theme, no obvious bugs or unfinished parts—that’s Vito. The dashboard combines colors which are easy on the eye, spacious cards and beautiful typography and graphics, which makes it ideal for data visualization. All components can be easily customized. Vito – Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template has 6 working apps and about 8 integrations. Bundled with the benefits of Agora Video call, Firebase and Algolia Seach eCommerce and comes in light and dark versions. 

7. Sofbox Admin – VueJS, Laravel, Angular 9, React, HTML Admin Theme

Speed up your web development with Sofbox – build for VueJS, Laravel, Angular 8, React and HTML. Sofbox has a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. It is a starter kit with many included features. Sofbox – VueJS, Laravel, Angular 9, React, HTML Admin Theme controls your Models, Data and their Role Permissions with no coding at all, giving you state of an art focus towards Data representation than Data Handling. It’s time to build an immersive experience with a responsive admin dashboard Sofbox. 

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