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How To Create & Add Attractive Favicon or Site Icon to WordPress

Making people remember your brand takes much more than building a website and social media pages. The vigorous competition between companies and similar looking brand names make it extremely hard to grow brand recognition. The techniques to promote the brand is key to your marketing strategy. A favicon, that is short for ‘favorite icon’ is referred to as a site icon. In this post, we will study how to create this favicon and why does your WordPress website need favicon.

Favicon: Introduction

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A favicon is a small icon displayed on a website’s page title. Favicons can also be seen next to a website’s name (much like a site’s icon) in a list of bookmarked sites. However, they can also be an image that is hyperlinked to a site’s branding, if this is more appropriate. Once a favicon is selected, it is advisable to never change, unless your business undergoes a re-branding phase. This way, your website visitors become familiar with your favicon and recognize it in a lineup of browser tabs.

How To Create a Favicon

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Creating a favicon icon is an interesting process. The first step is to create a brand-relevant image. The favicon icon should ideally be the same icon image as your website’s logo so that visitors can instantly recognize it. There are free graphic design tools like Canva, which can be used to easily edit the image.

Adding Favicon to WordPress site

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WordPress site is extremely user-friendly and easy to customize. With little to no knowledge of coding, you can easily set up a favicon icon.


1. Open WP dashboard and click on the menu
2. Select Appearance — Customize — Site Identity and there you will see Site Title and Site Icon.
3. Just below the Site Icon, you can add, change or remove the favicon. Click on Select Image.
4. Select Save and Publish after your favicon icon is updated.

There is certainly the number of alternate ways to add a favicon to your WordPress website. Example, you can choose to prefer plugins to add functionality to the website instead of depending on a theme. Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator is a WordPress plugin that is one great option. Install the plugin, upload an icon image and you are done.

For anyone with coding knowledge, favicon icon can be set up into the website’s root directory through code. Code is then fed into the header.php file.

Strengthen Brand Reputation

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Most website visitors use to bookmark websites that are frequently checked by them. A favicon icon makes your bookmarked pages look attractive. Simply by looking at the favicon icon, your user will recall which website it belongs to. Favicon is one among the successful digital marketing tool that website owners bet on.


With all new AI enabled WordPress plugins and advance technology, marketing has evolved. Using a favicon is a strong brand marketing tactic. A favicon doesn’t just make your website look beautiful, but also helps a website visitor to remember it and increase the span of being on the website.

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