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“Success as a therapist is not found in doing something for the client, but rather in being something for the client.” – Rivera Walter

We understand the importance of being a therapist and always being available for others, we just can’t even imagine how important you already are to someone who’s curing. Just because of you, someone is smiling back, living his life joyously, aspiring to become like you.

Thank you! For always being there. To express our warm regards, we’ve designed this amazing WordPress Theme to make it feasible for your clients to book a schedule and refer it to others who are in extreme need. Surely, you want to develop yourself too. So, why not work with the best?

Presenting you our best WordPress Theme for therapists, “PowerHour”. Named specifically by keeping in mind the persona of a therapist. They spend hours on others to pump up their life with the same enthusiasm and happiness. The power which you all transfer from your aura evokes an amazing sensation to others that motivates them to move out from the gloomy imagination and enjoy the cheerful reality.

Let’s study this design in greater depth.


As the name suggests, it provides Power to your profession every Hour.

It’s a calm, and subtle therapist WordPress theme. Designed in such a manner that it comforts the ideology of a patient visiting your website. responsive WordPress theme is framed according to a therapist, medical professionals, and related domain web projects.

Your occupation requires extreme delicacy and tranquillity. We can not afford to trigger the neurons of your patients and make them feel inconvenient. A professional vibrant website, with an aim to promote online medical counselling businesses, feature-rich pages, multiple elements and many more.

The logo embarked at the top of WordPress Theme, exhibits hope in the form of a lotus. The positive vibes which come from that sovereign are appealing. The colour palette is soothing and refreshing to the soul. The subtle nature of the background colour is calming the mind from the daily hustle-bustle, major tensions, and deadliest horrors.

The Approach is really commendable but why not we study that in detail? Are you excited to learn more?

So, let’s go to the next section and learn about the creative approach in a broader aspect.

The Approach

Here, this section will tell you about the layout of our theme, the concepts, the perspectives, and certain viewpoints. It’ll definitely be a fun and refreshing ride, hop onto the ride to amazement as you’ll really love the experience at the end.

Starting with our HOME!


How do you generally welcome a guest to your house? Do you frown at them, stare at them till they feel uncomfortable, taunt them for unnecessarily disturbing you, or start to quarrel with them?

I am sure, None at all! Although, exceptions are everywhere. Just Joking!

You welcome your esteemed guests with a smiling face and beautiful welcome praise, Right? That’s what we have learnt from our Indian Culture. So, whenever a person visits the Home Page for the very first time, he/she will see a cheerful and joyous image of your best medical practitioner. With a calm welcoming message that’ll ease their mind and make them feel at home.

The top left corner of the page holds the name of the website, “PowerHouse” with an amazing logo of rejuvenating lotus.

On the top right corner, we have three priority buttons namely “Call Us Now”, “Send A Message”, “Visit Us At”. As your clients should not face any problem while booking or contacting at a time of emergency. Although, they’ll require to log in once to proceed with the booking that’s for security reasons.

Below that, there’s a navigation button for Home, Pages, Our Services, Blogs and Contact Us. These all parameters will be covered in the later section.  

Note- We’re focusing on therapist prospects, but the theme can be altered to any medical domain.

Moving ahead, in the first section, you can showcase your offerings. Primarily, we have provided two domains that are, “Physiotherapy”, “Rehabilitation”.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture1 1024x476

Later, the homepage covers a booking calendar where you just have to click on a date in the calendar and proceed with the confirmation. We’ve kept it as simple as possible because conversions are important to any business.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture2 1024x480

You need to tell others, that “Why they should choose you, instead of other competitors”.

So, to do the needful. We’ve covered this section with an amazing template. The three little boxes will tell about your vision, mission and experience. Try to frame an amazing-catchy headline and a small synopsis to lure them into your organization. 

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture3 1024x476

Later, tell them about your credibility by showcasing your “Years of Experience, In-house doctors, Medical Branches, and Happy Clients”. Immediately, after that pull your customers to contact you, with the “Get in Touch” button!

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture4 1024x472

Do you have some appreciating images of your doctors? Why not make an alluring collage out of that?

We’ve provided a gallery full of spaces filled with your smiling faces. Must cover that, as they’ll really put your website in positive behaviour.

Below that, the blog prospect is covered with the title, “Stories that inspire”. Here, please share your client’s success story on how they battled with their depression and strived harder to a happy life.

Play an amazing video, in the very next part! Maybe featuring a happy client, or a tour to your centre totally depends on your creativity.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture5 1024x477

Later, introduce your clients and their testimonials to gain the trust of the audience. The small initiative will definitely play a larger role. Get them acquainted with your top experts. Give them a personalised touch through that.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture6 1024x476
The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture7 1024x476

At last, Frequently Asked Questions to assist your visitors in better understanding.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture8 1024x475

Moving to the next aspect, i.e,


We’ve covered, “About Us”, “Our Team”, “Pricing”, “Book Appointment”, “Gallery”, “Faq”.

On the About Us Page, you can share about Who you are? With amazing descriptions and images coupled with luring headlines and phrases. Then ‘How to get an Appointment’ with various services aligned with description then ‘What makes you unique?’, An amazing VIDEO! To grab the audience attention then, your blogs and ‘Team insights’.

All set to move next?

We have, Pricing coming up!

Already embedded three types of pricing labels. Namely, ‘Healing’, ‘Holistic’, and ‘Heartful’. You can add various transitions and animations to make it more stunning. Another window that we have opened up for you is, “Get Online Counseling Session” with price information. Make the best use of it!

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture14 1024x475

Later, Next Page!

Schedule an appointment with the same Calendar technique.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture9 1 1024x471

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Straight away to the Next Page, We have our best collection of images framed into an awesome collage.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture10 1024x474

Just put in your pictures, and have a lovely frame ready!

Last, ending with FAQ!


The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture11 1024x472

Moving ahead, we have allocated an entire page for ‘OUR SERVICES’. As we mentioned earlier that we’re focusing on therapists but this theme is for every business in the medical domain. So, if your hospital contains way too many offerings then do mention them here. This will really help your customers to book and study about your services.

Coming up next, we have


Blogs are the best and the most reliable source of knowledge, we recommend you to make them your best friends and use them to gain reach and exposure. Build up knowledge-based resources, that will help students to learn, and professionals to enrich.

There’s something special here!

You can set the alignment of your blog in 7 different types. Isn’t it amazing? Now, choose what’s best for you!

Here’s a snapshot of alignment, “Masonry”.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture12 1024x480

The last and the most important,


Here, add wonderful images of your centre and attach all the necessary information regarding your contacts. Starting from Address, Phone Number, Social Media Handles and many more.

Interesting! The map is there to locate your centre.

The Most Soothing And Seamless Online Therapy Website Ever – PowerHour Capture13 1024x473

Still, you’re looking for something more, right?

Here’s the list of Main features, go through them wisely.

Main Features

  • Creative and Modern Design
  • The powerful Theme Options panel
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Elementor Builder Included
  • Customizable
  • No coding knowledge required
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Validated
  • Google Fonts Included
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Customizable Contact Forms with Contact Form 7 support
  • Custom Build Theme & Page Options
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Clean Code
  • XML File with Demo Content
  • Big custom shortcode collection
  • Multiple homepage examples
  • Powered by Redux framework, bring to you unlimited colour and Google fonts options
  • Google Maps
  • Blog List widget

And so Much More…

A Quick Wrap Up!

PowerHour therapist WordPress theme is fully responsive that makes certain that every page of it looks excellent on any screen size. The planning of this best WordPress theme for therapists offers cross-compatibility which is highly essential for medical facilities.

This powerful resolution theme comes with a one-click demo import and creates a successful-looking website. For therapist options associate intuitive interface and developer-friendly style and secret writing framework.

If you want to try out the same, don’t hesitate! Have a look at the Live Demo, or Try the Free Version.

Thank you for staying till the end, we value your time and efforts. Feel free to acquire any assistance from our team. Our executives will be delighted to solve your queries and make ensure secure payments.

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