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Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23)

Beyond the simplicity of working, WordPress has a lot to love, and one thing that leaves all of us lovestruck is the best free WordPress plugins. There is a massive library of these third-party plugins that can boost any website’s performance by giving the ultimate user experience on the website.

To save your time in muddling through which plugins you would really need, we have got our hands into finding the best Free Elementor Addons and the most popular WordPress plugins any developer would ever need to launch a successful website project. 

There are over thousands of best free WordPress Plugins – each with different functionalities and a unique set of features. As it would not be possible for us to review each one for you, we narrowed down our search and finished off with the following best free WordPress plugins that can legitimately add the flair of professional as well as the functional website for any business or personal project.

Graphina – Free Elementor Charts and Graphs

Free Elementor Charts and Graphs | Graphina | Iqonic Design  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) Graphina1

Graphina is a free Elementor Charts and Graphs is one of the best WordPress chart plugins. With an easy-to-use interface, turn raw chunks of data into informative stories. Customize this free Elementor charts and graph plugin using more than 100+ options. Graphina comes with a modern approach towards data visualization.

The ultimately gorgeous Graphing has over 13+ unique chart styles and a cumulative 50+ variations to create a stunning visual presentation of the data. Exclusive charts like Column charts, Donut charts, Area Charts, Radar Charts, and more, Graphina – WordPress chart plugin free is built to be one of the best modern chart and graphs library of the best free WordPress plugins

Marvy – Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress

Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress | Marvy | Iqonic Design  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) Marvy1

Marvy is a refreshing and cool, free Background Animation Plugin WordPress. Animate the background of any website or a web project of a client with unique effects and background details using these free background animations for Elementor open-source plugin.

With different types of animations like waves animation, Topology animations, Rings animation effect, Fancy Rotate animations, Drop animations, Ripple animation effects, and more, Marvy – Free Elementor Animation Plugin can clearly rank in one of the best free WordPress plugins for modern web projects.

Marvy is adopted in these outstanding themes Umetric, Xamin, and Consultab. Get your creativity flowing with Marvy – Free Background Animations for Elementor.  

WPMultiHost – WordPress Site with Multiple Domains

WordPress Site with Multiple Domains | WPMultiHost | Iqonic Design  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) WPMulithost1

WPMultiHost is an ultimate WordPress site with multiple domains plugin tool for WordPress developers. This open-source multiple domains for same WordPress site allows developers to easily work on multiple hostnames and IP addresses.

View the WordPress site from almost anywhere using the WPMultiHost – multiple domain plugin WordPress. The modern online tool comes with all essential features any developer would need, making this free most popular WordPress plugin, one of the best free Elementor plugins for digital creators.  

WP RoadMap – Free Product Feedback Board

Free Product Feedback Board | WP Roadmap | Iqonic Design  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) Wp Roadmap1

is an advanced, crisp, and free Product Feedback Board plugin. Powered with Kanban, this project roadmap and feedback plugin is ideal for any web project – whether a blog site or a commercial eCommerce site. This product feedback board for WordPress free allows users and entrepreneurs to add a roadmap of a product and let customers drop feedback of the product within just a few clicks.

The scalable WP Roadmap can be considered as one of the best free WordPress plugins for WordPress developers of any age. Add timeline of products, add product process, show line-up, and upcoming plan using WP Roadmap – Free Product Feedback Board.

KiviCare – Free Clinic and Patient Management Plugin

Free Clinic and Patient Management Plugin | KiviCare | Iqonic Design  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) KiviCare1

KiviCare is a niche, best free WordPress plugin for medical professionals and related domain web projects. This free clinic and patient management plugin offer a monitoring tool to manage patient records. With booking facility, invoice keeping, encounters, and more, this free EHR software WordPress plugin can save hours of to and fro managing records. Besides, this free clinic management WordPress plugin can easily be integrated with any WordPress theme.

KiviCare is a holistic medical industry niche plugin that features premium themes and plugins to boost productivity and user experience. Check KiviCare – Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic & Patient Management System, KiviCare Pro – Clinic & Patient Management System EHR (Add-on) and KiviCare – Medical Clinic & Patient Management WordPress Theme, KiviCare – Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on).


JetPack  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) Jetpack1 1024x569

Jetpack is an ultimate toolkit for WordPress users. With speed, security, and scalability, this best free WordPress plugin is a must-have for personal or commercial websites. If you are hosting a WordPress-powered website, Jetpack helps as being a single tool to help design, plan traffic growth, and secures the site.

Just like other plugins, Jetpack is extremely easy to install. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) Yoast1

As every WordPress site needs an SEO plugin to rank higher in the search engines, Yoast SEO is the best free WordPress plugin that comes to any developers’ mind. This plugin runs true to its popularity. Yoast SEO gives full control to you when it comes to managing content on the WordPress site.

Being beginner-friendly, the Yoast SEO plugin comes with documentation that can help naive or amateur developers with the installation and use. Enter a focus keyphrase and configure the SEO title and meta description and just let the plugin manage the rest. 

Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) Akis met

Akismet is the most powerful anti-spam plugin for WordPress of the age. It filters out spam comments on the WordPress site, making sure the content is relevant, malicious comments or inappropriate text published.

Say good-bye to manually filter every chunk of content or comment, this smart and most authentic, best free WordPress plugin can do it all for you.

Using this plugin is simple – Sign up and use your API key to activate your Akismet plugin and lay back, this free best free Elementor Add-on will protect you from Spam. 


Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) WPforms1 1024x528

WPForms is truly the most used and genuinely essential, most popular WordPress plugin. The amazing drag and drop online form builder makes it easy for developers to build contact forms, survey forms, subscription forms, or payment forms in no time.

Being extremely user-friendly, this best free Elementor plugin is powerful and flexible to suit any WP site needs. Besides being fully responsive, WPForms can help marketers launch a marketing form or polls and track them with stunning graphs, chart reports. 

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache  Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Website Need (2022-23) WP Super Cache

The search for the fastest cache learning plugin ends with this brilliant WP Super Cache plugin. It generates HTML files on the server facilitating users who have already logged in. Using WP Super Cache will optimize the website significantly.

The user-friendly plugin is built keeping UX (user experience) first, which makes it our favorite and every WordPress site owner’s best bet for cache clearing.


We attempted to simplify the complex task of boiling down to the best free WordPress plugins for any developer or web creator. A great plugin is powerful enough to skyrocket a website performance and eventually boost your online business. The WordPress plugin directory plays a prime role in finalizing the user interface and customer experience on the website.

We hope this promising list of the best Free Elementor Addons can help you make modifications to your website and excel in achieving your business goals. Furthermore, selecting from the most popular WordPress plugins also highly depends on the business domain you are creating your website for. You might not need all of the WordPress plugins listed here but these are some of the best free WordPress plugins our expert team suggests.

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